Omnidea-RTG GmbH is wholly owned (100%) by Omnidea, Lda (headquaters in Viseu, Portugal). In turn Omnidea Lda is owned by Portuguese private owners, mainly Mr. Tiago Pardal who controls 95% of the company’s capital.

As Omnidea-RTG GmbH is headquartered in Stuhr (Lower Saxony, Germany) the former Space division of RTG-Aero is maintained as a German company.

In terms of personnel structure, Omnidea-RTG GmbH is managed by Mr. Nuno Fernandes, appointed manager by Omnidea, lda.

Mr. Olivier Helbig and Mr. Peter Lüthge are in charge of R&D tasks, as well as component development, while Mr. Arnau Bernad and Mr. Ricardo Penedo perform typical Project Management duties.

Mr. Detlef Weiner is the technician in charge of components manufacturing as well as sub-system assembly and testing duties.