Stuhr, 25th August 2017

On August 24th 2017, a Falcon 9 launcher from Vandenberg’s Space Launch Complex (USA) launched the Formosat-5 Earth Observation satellite into its intended sun synchronous orbit. Contact with the spacecraft has been established successfully.

Omnidea-RTG wishes to congratulate first the National Space Organization of Taiwan (NSPO), as Formosat-5 was the first domestic-designed satellite, a major milestone for Taiwan. We also extend our compliments to SpaceTech who advised and supported NSPO and with whom the predecessor of Omnidea-RTG (RTG Aero-Hydraulic) worked on the propulsion sub-system.

Formosat-5 started in 2006 under the name ARGO with a contract to deliver a cold gas propulsion sub-system for the spacecraft; RTG Aero-Hydraulic remained fully involved in the spacecrafts propulsion sub-system until 2012.

As the inheritor of RTG Aero-Hydraulic space operations, Omnidea-RTG is pleased with the additional heritage achieved, through this mission, on components such as the Ball Latch Valves, Pressurant Filters, Fill and Vent Valves and Relief Valves.



Formosat-5 mission patch