Stuhr, 20th May 2014

On April 29th2014, Omnidea Lda (, a Portuguese SME engaged in the Space and Energy markets, headquartered in Viseu and with offices also in the Lisbon area, acquired the Space division of RTG Aero-Hydraulic Inc. (, a German SME which has been engaged in the Space market for over 40 years, both as a manufacturer of satellite chemical propulsion components and as a supplier of services such as propulsion subsystems assembly. The consolidated Space activities of the Omnidea group should reach a turnover of around 700.000 € in 2014.

This acquisition was made through Omnidea-RTG GmbH (, fully owned by Omnidea Lda and headquartered in Stuhr. Omnidea-RTG GmbH will share the Stuhr facilities with RTG Aero-Hydraulic Inc. which, in the future, will focus on aeronautics maintenance and repair operations (MRO), as all its Space products, designs, qualifications and personnel are carried over to Omnidea-RTG. Although synergies are to be expected from cooperation’s between Omnidea and Omnidea-RTG, the latter remains a German company with an independent management.For Omnidea Lda, this acquisition is a considerable achievement, providing ready access to infrastructures such as 2 clean rooms (one of which with Class 100 specifications and enough size toperform entire spacecraft subsystems integration), Helium leak testing and qualified Astro-Arc welding. Furthermore, the Omnidea-RTG GmbH product portfolio already includes several ESA qualified products, and shall soon be expanded with a Throttable Flow Control valve and a Pressure Regulator, both of which should be qualified in the short/medium term.

For the former RTG Aero-Hydraulic’s Space department (as of now, Omnidea-RTG) this acquisition means the insolvency situation, ongoing since 2012, is now over. The Omnidea group will be involved in both chemical (through Omnidea-RTG) and electrical propulsion for satellites (through Omnidea’s high pressure Xe storage tanks which the group intends to qualify in the future). Omnidea-RTG will share Omnidea’s staff, with significant know-how in control strategies, simulation tools and materials, as well as its Energy market projects and applications, all of which are based on proprietary company technology.

To our clients we would like to thank their continued support and to confirm our availability for future business endeavors.